Thank you!

We have come to the end of our Indiegogo campaign, and we are so pleased to announce that we hit our target. 103 people backed our performance, and we are so thankful to each and every person who has been involved.


Alongside the Indiegogo campaign, Federica and Stefano have been working tirelessly to raise more funds, and to promote The Ballet. This has included an evening with the Palmerino Scientific board, during which the board were able to meet the cast and creative team.

Some of the artists and cast presenting the project to the Palmerino Scientific Board – including Cristina Acidini, Giovanna Giusti e Maurizio Naldini and to the Assessora Cecilia del Re from Florence Municipality

We were also incredibly excited to host the women from the Archivo Donna from Ferrara, including President Luciana Tufani and Vice President Paola Roncarati.

The women enjoyed a lecture on the history of Palmerino, Vernon Lee, and The Ballet by Federica (with a quick bibliography of Lee from Sally), had a tour of the Villa, and enjoyed brunch on the veranda of the Associzione.

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