Fundraising and Final Casting News

There are 20 days to the end of our Indiegogo campaign and we have achieved a good result thanks to your fantastic help! We are still far from our total, but we must be confident and hope to reach our great goal!

As well as crowdfunding, we are also raising money with others initiatives. This includes ‘Between Taste and Art’ – visits to Palmerino with dinner in the gallery. This week we have welcomed the first group from Baltimore, volunteer teachers from the Walters Art Museum who arrived with their art historian and guide Aneta Giorgevska-Shine.

This was such a nice way to spread the news of our project and to offer an authentic experience of an ancient Florentine residence.

Mancano solo 23 giorni alla fine della nostra campagna e abbiamo raggiunto un buon risultato grazie al vostro fantastico aiuto! Siamo ancora lontani dalla meta ma dobbiamo essere fiduciosi e sperare di raggiungere il nostro grande obiettivo!  Abbiamo iniziato a sostenere la raccolta fondi con altre iniziative:  visite al Palmerino con  cena nella galleria di dipinti  tra gusto e arte ove abbiamo accolto un primo gruppo di Baltimora State of Maryland docenti volontari al Walters Art Museum.
Un bel modo di diffondere il nostro progetto e di poter offrire un’esperienza autentica di una antica residenza fiorentina.

At the same time as the fundraising campaign we have completed the search for our volunteers to represent the  Orchestra of the Passions, they are 4  young people studying and working in Florence: Lisa Crinon of the European University InstituteSofia FerrariFaculty of Economics and Commerce and Valentina Scerra and Filippo Bifulco of the theater group Binario di Scambio of the University of Florence. We are proud to be able to help expand their knowledge by working alongside great professionals, and at the same time combine their energy and enthusiasm with the already formed group of our 8 volunteers.

We look forward to starting rehearsals on April 6th, when Angeliki will return to Italy to work with us.

Contemporaneamente alla campagna fondi abbiamo ultimato la ricerca dei nostri volontari per rappresentare l‘Orchestra delle Passioni.  Sono 4 ragazzi che studiano e lavorano a Firenze: Lisa Crinon dell’Istituto Universitario EuropeoSofia Ferrari, facoltà di Economia e Commercio e Valentina Scerra e Filippo Bifulco del gruppo di teatro Binario di Scambio dell’Università di Firenze. Siamo Siamo fieri di poter contribuire a ampliare le loro conoscenze lavorando a fianco di grandi professionisti, e nel contempo di riuscire a unire la loro energia e il loro entusiasmo al gruppo già formato e non vediamo l’ora di iniziare le prove il 6 Aprile quando Angeliki tornerà in Italia per lavorare con loro.

Valentina Scerra and Filippo Bifulco of the theater group Binario di Scambio of the University of Florence


The Ballet: origins

Summer 2018: Research at il Palmerino

From Federica’s dream to our reality…

The chance arrival of Greek actor and director Angeliki Papoulia to Via del Palmerino was a moment of serendipity. Her immediate connection to Palmerino’s spirit of the place, and admiration of Vernon Lee’s ardently intelligent mind, meant that she wanted to collaborate with Federica (and Vernon) in some way. The idea of The Ballet was sown by Federica, and Angeliki’s creative role took root.

Once the idea was firmly planted, and fed by the possibility of coinciding with an international Vernon Lee conference, Federica began to bring together a group of individuals who would help her to realise the project. It was important for Federica and Angeliki to understand the context of Lee’s work, and how it had been received by scholars and academics. Professor Patricia Pulham (Art and the Transitional Object in Vernon Lee’s Tales) of the University of Surrey was enlisted in an advisory capacity, and author and historian Patrick Wright (Iron Curtain) was fundamental for understanding Lee’s pacifism and her response to the First World War. Postgraduate researcher Sally Blackburn-Daniels advised on Lee’s engagement with forms of dance, and Stefano Vincieri (Associazione Culturale il Palmerino) presented a collection of images connected to the work. Professor Richard Cave (Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway) narrated The Ballet, which was recorded by sound-scape designer and engineer Mauro Casappa.

Angeliki Papoulia and Sally Blackburn-Daniels

Once The Ballet had been heard, and researched, Federica and Angeliki began to work on the first (of many) adaptation drafts, at il Palmerino, Athens, and Berlin.

Now we needed to find a cast, to make our project a reality.

– Sally Blackburn-Daniels